The Art Of Publishing A Book In Canada

self-publish a book

How to get your debut novel published in Canada if no publisher decides to invest in it? That’s the dreaded question which comes to the minds of many would-be writers after completing their manuscripts.

Canada encourages immigration and its fresh stories but the world of publishing agents seems to fall short for so many stories. As such, it is always better to look some alternatives to book publishing directly from a publishing house to make your dream of becoming a writer come true.

Agent or No Agent?

Canada offers a plethora of diverse options to make book publishing easier for newcomers. It is not necessary for an author to have his/her own agent to get their book published. As a matter of fact, more than 70 percent of books are published without any kind of a contract with an agent.

On the other hand, many publishers make it a necessity for you to have an agent and will deal only with them. Sometimes Canadian publishers have a problem in accepting your unsolicited manuals. Sometimes agents also act as editors that will polish your manuscript to increase its chances of getting accepted by your preferred publisher. It is completely in your hands to decide whether you want to go to a publisher directly or an agent first.

How to get him?

Getting an agent in Canada is similar to getting your publisher, even though the process is easier. You can visit Canada Union’s website for the list of filtered agents. These agents accept your proposals by sending a letter of inquiry. Such a prominent and highly respected agent is The Cooke Agency. The literary agency has represented Guy Vanderhaege, John Irving, and William Leith to name a few writers in Canada. Do not forget to send a sample of your work along with the proposal. The letter lets the agents get an idea about you and your projected writing profession.

Should you self-publish?

Many authors are equally interested in the creative aspects of book-writing as the business one. It is equally intriguing as perceptive as the writing part. But getting your self-published books to feature in bookstores and literacy events is not an easy task. Out of a lot of self-published books, only a few have been able to make the cut, that too by earning not a large amount of money.

Apart from this, if your book is just meant as a gift to your friends and family and you don’t see it as a commercial venture, you can go ahead with the self-publishing. Canadian author Kim Staflund has written in her book “How to Publish a  Book in Canada” about some online support groups and writer forums such as Polished Publishing Group, which you can check for other authors’ support before self-publishing.

While starting your book-publishing journey can be quite a stressful phase, being optimistic always works in your favor. Among 10000 books published each year in Canada, your novel could also be the one. You need to believe in yourself and trust yourself that if an agent is willing to contract with you or a publisher is going to pay money for your book; you certainly will find an audience for it.