Most fascinating libraries in Canada

Libraries are gaining importance with every passing day. This is because now the role of libraries is not limited to bookkeeping and reading. Artworks, films, and portraits are also collected by this awesome place. The library of congress is considered to be the largest one in the USA. Just like this other countries have also set up libraries which are worth paying a visit. The architecture of the library is also one of the themes which are considered when they are being constructed. Providing a relaxed environment is the only purpose so that readers could enjoy their time, sure it’s not so fun as at online casinos, but feel certain that’s much more educative.

Below are some of the best libraries which would leave the readers speechless:

Halifax Central Library

Though the library has nothing to do with history nor it is old enough to be nostalgic but still, the boxy structure gives a feeling that the place should be visited. With urban living room, the best part is the city view which is provided. The overall ambiance of the library is very quiet. As it is a public library so people often come here to quench their thirst of reading. The 5th floor is filled with city’s historical collection. Two of the most important places covered by this library are Halifax Harbor and Halifax Citadel.

Morrin Center, Quebec

This one is really old and therefore it worth giving a shot if the reader is in Quebec. There are literally thousands of books in this prison turned library. The place has also been used for army barracks so the marks can be seen all over. The library features one of the oldest books dating back to 16th century. The best part is that the Historical Society of Quebec runs this library which is as old as Charles Dickens is. He once read a book event for this society. The care taken of this place is therefore obvious.

John Harper Library Waterloo Ontario

Like many others in Canada, this one is not as old as its name seems to be. This modern library is full of literary works and therefore readers will never be eased here. The seating arrangement is state of the art and therefore there is no factor of boredom at all. The best part is the gym and pool that is adjacent to this library. Think of some workout if you get tired reading. The roof has been given a pink touch and therefore it provides a sense of calmness as well.

Vaughan Civic Center Resources Library Ontario

This library is different from the traditional ones. Here everyone makes noise and lot of it. Library management even makes sure that noise is encouraged in every section and floor of the library. The main theme of the library is to promote the active form of learning and therefore this kind of noise is expected. There are various other forms of learning that are promoted here. For instance e-books, recorded books and even a recording booth are located here. A virtual reality station is also situated on every floor to encourage active learning. The noise level here makes it appear like gambling spot.