Click on these pictures to learn why you should worship a librarian, or visit the belly-dancing librarian, the lipstick librarian, the laughing librarian, or the racing librarian, or the Rockin’ librarian. And if Punk Rock doesn’t appeal to you, call on the Country librarian. Then look below for “Rupert Giles”, and other librarians of fact and fiction. For the full text of our 1997 article on librarians in detective fiction, click here. Read about Wayne State’s racing driver librarian, and don’t miss the article, From Buns to Bytes, by Columbia’s Sarah Dougherty.  Cite, and ye shall be cited. Library Juice made its “Homepage of the Week” in April 2002. If you are thinking about non-fiction librarian heroes, don’t forget the military librarians deployed in trouble-spots, or supporting peacekeeping missions around the world!

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