This Web document is a reformatted version of Chapter Three of Brown-Syed, C.  From CLANN to UNILINC: An Automated Library Consortium from a Soft Systems Perspective (Australia, Peter Checkland). Thesis [Ph.D.]; 1996. University of Toronto (Canada); 0779. ISBN: 0-612-11862-2. DAI, Vol. 57-08A, Page 3309, 00308 Pages.

This chapter was presented with slight modifications under the title, “Soft, Appreciative, and General Systems: Idealism in Action”, at the Third Canadian Conference on Foundations and Applications of General Science Theory, “Universal Knowledge Tools and Their Applications”, June 3 – 5, 1993 Oakham House, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This thesis is available in its entirety from UMI, and is Copyright ¬©, 1996. This Web version is Copyright ¬©¬†Christopher Brown-Syed, 2000. All rights reserved. This document may be distributed freely for educational purposes, provided that it is distributed in whole, without alteration, and that this copyright statement is attached.

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